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It’s gorgeous out today so I decided to take my spring cleaning outdoors.  But, before I stepped outside, I quickly emailed my daily reminder to all 19 Illinois Congress members of my support of health care reform.

What’s with these politicians anyway?

Well, I’m pretty sure I know what it is with the Democrats.  Even with the  mandate of winning the House, the Senate and the White House, Democrats behave like politic’s little brother, constantly in need of approval.  Unfortunatly, they aren’t going to get props from their mean big GOP Brethren in Congress. And the Party did it’s job by getting out the vote, and handing them unprecedented majorities.  All this inaction and waffling has left the voters confused. Grow up and do what you said you would do.  Finish!  Realize that you can finally beat up big brother.  And, when you finally deliver that well deserved sock in the nose he will respect you.

It’s the Republicans I can’t figure out.  What is with them?   As I survey the yard, and the hundreds of my dog’s dry white turds left from winter I realize the GOP’s problem.  They have lost all nutrients, all usefulness, sans even a molecule or two of bilirubin to show some respectable shitty brownness.  But, they are everywhere you look, these not important lumps of dung.  Even though they have lost their smell, no one wants to step in them, or even around them.

However, they must be dealt with.  So, how to deal with them quickly and efficiently?  Run them over with the lawnmower and forget they were even there. And, getting rid of the white turds is just as easy.  Just get out the ol’ pooper scooper.


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