I have no actual proof that Eric Cantor’s claims of phone intimidation and office vandalism are false.  I don’t know if he is lying outright, but he at least is lying to himself.  And, I don’t buy into his nonchalant demeanour about personal threats and a shot up office.  His behavior reminds me of a GOP supporter’s stunt back in 2008.

In October of 2008, weeks before the presidential election Ashley Todd, a supporter of John McCain, lied about being attacked at an ATM in Pittsburgh by a dark-skinned man.  Katharine Zaleski at HuffPo wrote that Ashley alleged her robber turned attacker when he saw her McCain bumper sticker.  He pinned her down and carved a “B” on her face.

Anyone with eyes could see the fraudulent nature of her story.  It was as plain as the backwards “B” on her face.  Unless the robber had a problem with dyslexia he wouldn’t have carved the “B” backwards.  And, as we all know, most of the liberal elite don’t have learning disabilities and tote Harvard degrees, including the criminals.

Cantor’s timing and his employment of the typical GOP  “I’m rubber and you’re glue” strategy makes me wonder.  Why, when a highly influential and visual member of Congress, the minority whip no less, and the only Jewish Republican, has his office shot up, we don’t hear about it? I don’t buy it. Then to casually announce that the attack happened sometime this week.  I don’t trust it.  Cantor claims not to whine, that  he doesn’t make a federal case out of it, so why do the Democrats? And, when he answers his own question with the claim that the Democrats seek to fan the flames of hatred,  he in fact fan the flames himself.

Mr. Cantor. Threats are a federal case, so are false claims of threats.  We would know to a fare-thee-well the where, when, why, how and who of this attack, if it was real.  As of today, the shot was ruled random by the police.

Threats and attacks aren’t a joke, or something to be used for political gain or sympathy, or to underscore a point.   When Congress members’ addresses, family members names and photos are posted on hate sites, there needs to be concern.  People were killed by politically fueled crackpots in the sixties.  And, people have been murdered by those seeking to intimidate our officials today.

Recall the murders of Judge Joan Lefkow’s husband and mother.  Lefkow presided on a case against World Church of the Creator and it’s leader Matthew Hale.   Hale made threats against Lefkow calling for her extermination. Another white supremacist organization, Stormfront.org posted her address and pictures of her husband and children.  But, it was Bart Ross that committed suicide after admitting to the murders.  Although he referenced Nazi’s in his suicide note, no connection could be made to Hale or Stormfront.  But, Lefkow ruled against him on a personal injury case.  When people believe they can change the system by ridding the system of its servants we all have to worry, and was it possible that Ross saw the address on Stormfront?

Cantor has the gall to claim that the Democrats fan the flame of hatred.  It takes one to know one, Cantor.   As Sam Stein wrote on HuffPo, when Republican leaders addressed the  Tea Party Protest at the Capitol they played on the Partiers’ worst fears about healthcare.  Cantor channels his inner guidette when he talks shit to the Dems in hopes of picking a fight.  What will he do when a big, strong, juicehead wingnut jumps in to finish what he started?  And, if it’s all no big deal, nothing to worry about, then why did Congressman Cantor ask for increased protection?